Monday, 21 November 2011

For the Love of Sara!

She is young, vivacious with a love of life about her that is inspirational to all those children who come in contact with her.  Sara Khaled is one of the few who can transform children’s lives through her instinctive devotion and altruistic nature.   

Sara is part of the team who found the time, energy and the enthusiasm to help the deprived children of Iraq.  Those children unlucky enough to suffer the political consequences; a result of social, religious and idealist conflict that continuous to rage in Iraq.  The ongoing sufferance of these children, who often enough, denied the experience of what it is to be growing up, find themselves on the wrong side of the lucky divide.  Together with Sara, Living Light International help to organise life’s fulfilment for these children; relieving their psychological pain, bringing back to them their share of hope and optimism.  LLI also is the crucible of intense medical activities in satisfying the need for patient care and surgical needs through out Iraq, to all children that come under their care.

We want you to know that tremendous resources are provided to the cause but the effort is ceaseless.  Help us to bring back, for the deserving, the smile of hope and a new chance on life.  Let us know if you want to assist in any way by posting your comment at the bottom of this entry.