Saturday, 25 June 2011

Living Light International: Dare we care?

Living Light International: Dare we care?: "Who is this girl? A girl with no name! She could be from any background, any religion or any other ethnic Iraqi background yet she was aba..."

Friday, 24 June 2011

Dare we care?

Who is this girl?  A girl with no name! She could be from any background, any religion or any other ethnic Iraqi background yet she was abandoned to the mercy of the Streets of Baghdad; but these days they are not so merciful.  She is unlucky to find herself an orphan and alone, a tender time of life deprived from all the fun of innocence, joy, and laughter; privileges a typical child should enjoy.  Her refuge came in the shape of LLI who ensured she does not suffer more that she has done already. 

LLI, a powerful organisation stands in the vanguard in helping those unfortunate enough to find themselves victims in the crosscurrents of depravity and helplessness.  It is a sad story across the whole of Iraq of abandonment of children to fend for themselves or worse, fend for their parents.  This unfortunate child is a legacy of her previous generation that failed her but we must not give up on her.

Show that you care! If you are a Doctor or able person who would like to sacrifice some of your time for her please contact Living Light International to find out more.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The unlucky few!

Living Light International, founded by Nadwa Qaragholi to help the children of Iraq to hope and aspire for basic things that the lottery of life and freedom of choice denies them.  Ravished by competing misfortunes such as war, poverty, illness and lack of parental guidance they are the impoverished generation that badly need all of our help.  Rather than see these lost young children go unrecognized, LLI tries to help in all the socio spheres of these children’s’ welfare.  Its a team effort that tries to put some meanings and happiness in these young lives. Through education and medical care it is hoped they will individually learn to cope with life’s challenges gradually replacing the misery, sadness and anger some of them may naturally harbour.  They are the resulting effect of their elders not the cause so they need your help.  For lending a hand and further information see our website