Thursday, 14 July 2011

A lifeblood to a new generation

Here is an extract from an introduction to Living Light International principles and aims.

"Our collective right to pursuing a promising destiny is only conceivable if
a child is to aspire, dream and achieve. Here at LLI we thrive on empowering
and preparing tomorrow's generations to pursue their aspirations and goals
through active reinforcement, education, protection and preparation. After
all children are the foundation of every nation's future, let alone human
continuity and the aspiration for global peace.
Protecting and empowering those of them who have been forced to
face the challenges of life parent-less and alone as a result of conflict or
violence is the principal focus of our establishment. Together with you we
can provide orphans with the ability to pursue their dreams and
consequently transform our world by first empowering them to change their

For some of the horors these children can experience see this  link

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Did you know?

Did you know there are thousands of children in Iraq suffering terrible beatings and deprivation?  Did you know there are hundred of thousands of children who are suffering diseases of all kinds but lack the resources to be cured?   Did you know that LLI are helping those who cannot help themselves; carrying out the necessary surgeries giving those children they most find lacking.  Yes, Hope!

Children of Iraq work the Streets, the Cemeteries, as Stooges, and Decoys lacking all the basic human rights they were entitled the day they were born. These are the children of Iraq who endured bullets, bombs, beatings and hunger for almost a decade.  Some who risk and sacrifice everything they have for the freedom of their parents.  It is to them that we must look for the new generation.  They will shape the new society to come in Iraq.  Today, on this eve of the Iraqi July revolution of 1958, let us collectively or individually observe a moment of silence in memory of our loved ones as well as sparing a thought for those children to pursue their dreams.  For all those who left Iraq since that July day, are enjoying the freedom of the west and the heirs of that blood; extend your love to those less fortunate.  To give them the chance to enjoy the legacy of the Revolution that has so far eluded them.

For all those who like to extend their helping hand, LLI would like to hear from you.  Please write to:  Or leave your comments on this post.