Thursday, 5 January 2012

Does it have to come to this?

The future of the people of Iraq is in your hands.  They are on the increase: the human scavengers who survive on refuse like animals searching for food.  Something, anything they could find to eat or sell, among the dead and decaying, that could see them to the next day.  Yes, this is Iraq today where poverty and destitution is an everyday form life for some... ironically in one of the richest countries in the world!

Against all odds of red tape and bureaucracy, Living Light International is making great headways in its unshrinking effort of tackling poverty and fighting against lack of education and ill health amongst Iraqi children.  The effort goes on unabated across the length and breadth of the country meeting with tremendous success.  In response to this good work, Government departments are increasingly offering their network of facilities to help make LLI’s effort go that much further.  Government health departments as well as their educational departments are coming forward to run parallel with LLI’s limited facilities. Opportunities for the impoverished and needy are created by the exemplary efforts of international voluntary workers so generously made available through the services of LLI. 
Despite the overall volatile political situation, in Iraq, coupled with local subversive elements LLI are relentless in their effort in pushing the frontier of benevolence.  Its continued efforts in extending its hands of help, seeking out those, who through ignorance or otherwise; the unlucky, poor and deprived, offering them opportunity of a better and a more meaningful life. 
As an extension of LLI’s continuous programme, it is seeking the help of volunteers who are willing to give up their time to this gallant cause. We are looking for:
1.       Medical Teams currently autonomous but  who would be  willing to  conjoin with LLI in these fields:
·         Cardiac Surgeries.
·         Paediatric Ophthalmology.
·         Orthopaedic.
·         Cancer treatment
2.       University Hospitals, and Churches who are willing to sponsor observation programs for Iraqi Surgeons, Doctors, Anaesthesiologist and Nurses.
3.       Educational programmes connecting with street children through the use of computers and IT
4.       Teaching Art & Crafts and other vocational skills programme
5.       Stage and Drama skills to build self esteem within the community of deprived children.
6.       Sponsorship for travel and accommodation

If you are one of those who would like to help please email me at:
From all the team at LLI we wish you a Happy New Year for 2012.

Monday, 21 November 2011

For the Love of Sara!

She is young, vivacious with a love of life about her that is inspirational to all those children who come in contact with her.  Sara Khaled is one of the few who can transform children’s lives through her instinctive devotion and altruistic nature.   

Sara is part of the team who found the time, energy and the enthusiasm to help the deprived children of Iraq.  Those children unlucky enough to suffer the political consequences; a result of social, religious and idealist conflict that continuous to rage in Iraq.  The ongoing sufferance of these children, who often enough, denied the experience of what it is to be growing up, find themselves on the wrong side of the lucky divide.  Together with Sara, Living Light International help to organise life’s fulfilment for these children; relieving their psychological pain, bringing back to them their share of hope and optimism.  LLI also is the crucible of intense medical activities in satisfying the need for patient care and surgical needs through out Iraq, to all children that come under their care.

We want you to know that tremendous resources are provided to the cause but the effort is ceaseless.  Help us to bring back, for the deserving, the smile of hope and a new chance on life.  Let us know if you want to assist in any way by posting your comment at the bottom of this entry.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

A lifeblood to a new generation

Here is an extract from an introduction to Living Light International principles and aims.

"Our collective right to pursuing a promising destiny is only conceivable if
a child is to aspire, dream and achieve. Here at LLI we thrive on empowering
and preparing tomorrow's generations to pursue their aspirations and goals
through active reinforcement, education, protection and preparation. After
all children are the foundation of every nation's future, let alone human
continuity and the aspiration for global peace.
Protecting and empowering those of them who have been forced to
face the challenges of life parent-less and alone as a result of conflict or
violence is the principal focus of our establishment. Together with you we
can provide orphans with the ability to pursue their dreams and
consequently transform our world by first empowering them to change their

For some of the horors these children can experience see this  link

For your help write to

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Did you know?

Did you know there are thousands of children in Iraq suffering terrible beatings and deprivation?  Did you know there are hundred of thousands of children who are suffering diseases of all kinds but lack the resources to be cured?   Did you know that LLI are helping those who cannot help themselves; carrying out the necessary surgeries giving those children they most find lacking.  Yes, Hope!

Children of Iraq work the Streets, the Cemeteries, as Stooges, and Decoys lacking all the basic human rights they were entitled the day they were born. These are the children of Iraq who endured bullets, bombs, beatings and hunger for almost a decade.  Some who risk and sacrifice everything they have for the freedom of their parents.  It is to them that we must look for the new generation.  They will shape the new society to come in Iraq.  Today, on this eve of the Iraqi July revolution of 1958, let us collectively or individually observe a moment of silence in memory of our loved ones as well as sparing a thought for those children to pursue their dreams.  For all those who left Iraq since that July day, are enjoying the freedom of the west and the heirs of that blood; extend your love to those less fortunate.  To give them the chance to enjoy the legacy of the Revolution that has so far eluded them.

For all those who like to extend their helping hand, LLI would like to hear from you.  Please write to:  Or leave your comments on this post.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Living Light International: Dare we care?

Living Light International: Dare we care?: "Who is this girl? A girl with no name! She could be from any background, any religion or any other ethnic Iraqi background yet she was aba..."

Friday, 24 June 2011

Dare we care?

Who is this girl?  A girl with no name! She could be from any background, any religion or any other ethnic Iraqi background yet she was abandoned to the mercy of the Streets of Baghdad; but these days they are not so merciful.  She is unlucky to find herself an orphan and alone, a tender time of life deprived from all the fun of innocence, joy, and laughter; privileges a typical child should enjoy.  Her refuge came in the shape of LLI who ensured she does not suffer more that she has done already. 

LLI, a powerful organisation stands in the vanguard in helping those unfortunate enough to find themselves victims in the crosscurrents of depravity and helplessness.  It is a sad story across the whole of Iraq of abandonment of children to fend for themselves or worse, fend for their parents.  This unfortunate child is a legacy of her previous generation that failed her but we must not give up on her.

Show that you care! If you are a Doctor or able person who would like to sacrifice some of your time for her please contact Living Light International to find out more.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The unlucky few!

Living Light International, founded by Nadwa Qaragholi to help the children of Iraq to hope and aspire for basic things that the lottery of life and freedom of choice denies them.  Ravished by competing misfortunes such as war, poverty, illness and lack of parental guidance they are the impoverished generation that badly need all of our help.  Rather than see these lost young children go unrecognized, LLI tries to help in all the socio spheres of these children’s’ welfare.  Its a team effort that tries to put some meanings and happiness in these young lives. Through education and medical care it is hoped they will individually learn to cope with life’s challenges gradually replacing the misery, sadness and anger some of them may naturally harbour.  They are the resulting effect of their elders not the cause so they need your help.  For lending a hand and further information see our website