Thursday, 14 July 2011

A lifeblood to a new generation

Here is an extract from an introduction to Living Light International principles and aims.

"Our collective right to pursuing a promising destiny is only conceivable if
a child is to aspire, dream and achieve. Here at LLI we thrive on empowering
and preparing tomorrow's generations to pursue their aspirations and goals
through active reinforcement, education, protection and preparation. After
all children are the foundation of every nation's future, let alone human
continuity and the aspiration for global peace.
Protecting and empowering those of them who have been forced to
face the challenges of life parent-less and alone as a result of conflict or
violence is the principal focus of our establishment. Together with you we
can provide orphans with the ability to pursue their dreams and
consequently transform our world by first empowering them to change their

For some of the horors these children can experience see this  link

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